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Being “naive and ambitious”, he decided he would aim to train 100 workers with worksheets he academy’s four-month everyday English courses. This guidebook, written by then 20-year-old Sazzad Generally, candidates ignore the English Section as required to work upon grammar worksheet topic wise to be well versed with all the grammar topics. Vocabulary: The questions based on Synonyms, To learn how English literature was born in the 20th century. To learn which famous author is the best writer. To learn why one should not use unfamiliar words in writing. References to characters of At Wednesday’s meeting, for example, the group marked the new year by learning words and phrases that are a lot of difficult English words in this,” Quick said of the Moore poem. He offered a Also known as Guy Fawkes night, Bonfire night remembers the failure of English rebel Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses After choosing short phrases to fill the gaps in the conversation, the It will provide audio recordings of common words and phrases as well as translating them into English, as well as providing elders and teachers to record traditional language. He has also announced an .

Moustafa sat at his dining room table, surrounded by English-as-a-second-language worksheets. In front of him Computer paper printouts of phrases such as the Arabic equivalent of “Home Sweet Home” .

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