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Today, information design is all around us — from the colour-coded maps we see on the London underground and on bus networks across the UK, to the wayfinding and To aid this research, there are Thanks to key stage 1 teacher Des Hegarty for these mixed multiplication worksheets, comprising missing number sentences. These are ideal for a mental maths Join the Guardian It’s increasingly clear that learning to code at school is as important as maths and English, but it’s not just a skill for city kids. Code Club Australia, a network that aims to give free we are seeing more and more of these products in special offers e.g. buy three get one free and in supersized portions, making it all too easy to purchase and consume a lot more than we need.” Citing Sometimes when I’m working with an Excel worksheet and I want a cell to look a certain way the cell still contains a number so you can perform math on it. Adding text to a cell using a custom Time isn’t something that is explicitly taught for most groups at secondary school, as it is in earlier key stages, but as maths teacher Mel Muldowney (the maths teacher behind .

In the UK the political debate about the achievement Some 85% of pupils are African American and 90% get free school meals. Last year 80% were graded “proficient or advanced” in maths, compared .

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