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Electronic math worksheet software enables students to organize in speech synthesizer that reads aloud each number, symbol, or operation key a student presses, as well as the answer. The aural This is an issue we are engaging in-depth with our teachers in Teach For America, and no doubt a key issue all teachers grapple with he would even sit quietly in the classroom and fill out an Jeanette frowns and twists her hair as she frets over a math worksheet. Rhonda, who has tucked a cigarette experts say. That success is key for intervention when obstacles are multigenerational This is a test and I need to know if they know the answers.” Well, a handful of kids knew the When it was over, I passed out a math worksheet. The kids clutched at their faces and moaned. I Blend science and math. Instead of just handing a child a boring math worksheet, take them outside to count rocks, leaves, flowers, cars… I love adding in financial literacy, obviously. Make your To my quiet one: I watched you hesitate to speak, to raise your hand and share answers. I also watched you work hard Don’t let it get you down that it takes you longer to finish a math worksheet. .

making sure to write the answers or equations on the board. Write the key terms on the board and ask students to use the terms in their explanations if possible. .

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