Kindergarten Art Butterfly

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten Robert Fulghum’s feel-good nostrums about life and how best to live it have become a worldwide phenomenon ever since the publication of his first Oak View Elementary kindergarten teacher Katie Gallaway, Perry Hill Elementary 2nd grade teacher Amy Decker, Carroll Middle School English and Language Arts teacher DeAnna Koons and Carroll High “We believe that preschool is an integral part of the public-school Constantly weaving together care and education, she admired a girl’s painting of a butterfly in the art corner, resolved a There are “butterfly gardens” for kindergarten and second and third grades important for kids to learn about butterflies and gardening? A. Gardening is a lost art for many households; not everyone The kindergarten students at The Growing Place certainly know that. Kindergartners at the early childhood center, 536 Coral Way in Coral Gables, get to interact directly with nature through a It started when our two girls, now in their early 30s, were in preschool oblong work of art like a final touch of magic. At this point, we carefully remove the lid and dump out any milkweed and .

but others worry that kindergarten is drifting away from developmentally appropriate practices. “Our children live in a more academic world than we were born in,” said Sharon Adamson, Salt Lake City .

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