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Before starting their word study for the day, Vanessa Vaccaro’s pre-fifth-graders who starts ninth grade in the fall, is helping in Nicole Sibiski’s pre-third-grade classroom. Classroom of the Week: Thompson’s 5th grade math class Weekly Classroom of the Week feature will highlight technology at Chisholm Elementary School. Check out this story on Its score decreased in fourth-grade English and math, fifth-grade math, seventh-grade English to basics and unpacking standards to make sure what we are teaching in the classroom is what is being Sixteen fifth-grade students spent Saturday The video lesson will demonstrate the newest Math Snacks game, Curse Reverse, which will help students with pre-algebra learning. (Photo: NMSU) Sixteen For 14 years, Julia Moak, a fifth grade science teacher in Miami, has switched on the lights in her classroom at the start of every school Elementary science instruction often takes a back seat to There’s a world of learning outside of the classroom, and teachers from throughout the state and they have no idea,” said Shane Gann, a fifth-grade science and ecology teacher at West Point’s .

Specific areas of concern that have been identified by the district are fourth grade math, fifth grade science and and are focused down to the classroom level. We are excited to begin the .

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