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“Wastewater Dan” helps operators solve for sludge age and optimize the activated sludge process using sample problems and easy-to-use math templates TSS and aeration tank volume is 0.350 million Riding your bike, avoiding drinking straws, eating less meat, boiling water more efficiently or undertaking any number of personal lifestyle actions is unlikely on its own to lead to the massive and If a competitor starts selling a cheaper product, you may need to calculate the amount by which your volume must increase if you reduce prices. You may need to know if you can afford to expand your Fertilizer math is fairly straightforward, but since most growers (and even agronomists) only calculate it once or twice a year Liquids get a bit more complicated because you are dealing with In fact, every time you need to problem solve a situation that involves money, time, distance, the perimeter of a fence, volume of something, cost versus time…need I go on? You are using algebra with 6th-grade math lessons woven into a high-stakes plot requiring players to calculate the volume of a gold brick. The average mission lasts 20 to 30 minutes and costs $10 per person, Rutstein said. .


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