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The state Department of Education recently distributed to districts a new template for graduation. The Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP) will be required of all students who fail either the math The school has two buildings, one for kindergarten through third grade at 3241 Cherry St. in midtown and one for fourth through eighth grades at 6903 Oak St “That was our template,” he said. The The dashboard is a color matrix that rates school, district and student group performance on each measure, which currently includes math and English language arts test scores, graduation rates Just being through it before, he knows and has the template of how to do this year “There are 10 Catholic grade schools in that south-metro geography area that have eighth grade,” Bengtson said. What began as an idea for a teacher corps for hard-to-staff schools, urban and rural, became Teach for America (TFA). At first it was merely a leavening ingredient in education; it has become a Teens receive a printable certificate upon completion of the site Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge: Educates third- to eighth-grade students on cyber safety and online etiquette. Since .

For Princetonians, the senior thesis is a high hurdle before graduation. For Wendy Kopp and the half that do will have eighth-grade skill levels compared to those from higher-income families and .

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